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After you find a niche to write a book about, the next step is to figure out how to make money from it.

You begin doing that by creating an outline.

Outlines are important. When you have a good one, you can ensure your book will have quality content.

That will help you get better reviews, more sales, more of a list to build, and ultimately… more money.

And if you do an outline MY way, you can be 100% sure that your book is structured better than anyone else’s out there.

Not only that, but your outline will be done within 20 minutes – tops.

Here’s the “Rachel Rofé Outline” in 7 steps ;):

1. Go onto and do a search for whatever your niche is, or the niche KDSuite found for you.

2. Open the first 10 books, then sort them out by their bestseller ranking.

The bestseller ranking is on every single book page. #1 = the bestselling book on Amazon, and then it goes all the way down into the millions.

It looks like this:

bestsellerrank3. Next, click on the “Look Inside” on each book:

The “look inside” for books will give you a ton of great information.

4. Write out the Table Of Contents for the book that’s selling the best. You’re not going to copy this verbatim. It’s just a starting point outline which we’ll modify.

5. Go through the other books Table Of Contents, and then mark a star next to everything you see coming up over and over again.

If you see anything else that looks good in other peoples’ outlines, add that to your running outline.

(This isn’t going to look pretty or even make sense… you’re still in research mode.)

6. Go through the reviews for each of those 10 books. Click on the 1 star reviews, and the 5 star reviews that were rated as the most helpful.

Write down anything that people either really liked, really didn’t, or wanted to see more of onto your running outline.

7. Now you should have a huge list of the best pieces of peoples’ outlines, plus what reviewers are eager to see.

At this point, you’re ready to make an outline.

Take all of the things that you put a star next to, plus the reviewers’ comments, plus any ideas YOU have, and create a cohesive outline that makes sense to the reader.

That’s how easy it is.

You leveraged the other authors’ research, plus what actual book buyers WANT, and made one EPIC outline. 🙂