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Brain training effective for mild cognitive decline

Australian researchers have found that computer-based brain training can improve memory and mood in older adults with mild cognitive impairment, although the training is not effective in those who have already been diagnosed with dementia. For the study a team from the University of Sydney reviewed research spanning more than 20 years, looking at 17 […]

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The Miracle of Honey

We’ve all heard about how honey is a remarkable substance. We’ve heard about how it “doesn’t go bad”. Or about how archaeologists found unspoiled, 2000-year-old honey in an Egyptian tomb. Honey contains a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nourish and re-vitalize your body. And it possesses unique antimicrobial properties that help you […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar

   Apple Cider Vinegar. Even though Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic (like a lemon or lime), it creates a perfect alkaline environment in your body that is the exact opposite of what most diseases require to thrive In a Japanese study, participants who drank more ACV than their counterparts during a 12 week period had […]

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Paleo eating style

Notice I didn’t say diet. Remember the first three letters are DIE so let’s think in terms of nourishment for our bodies so they can function optimally. Imagine a beautiful race car. You are so proud of it. What kind of gas do you use? Don’t you want the best octane and not some junk […]

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Did you get on the juicing train??

Hey everybody, Yes, I grew kale in my garden and had great plans to juice all kinds of vegetables daily to be more healthy. BUT, I have a confession to make…Even after I bought the superduper juicer, I didnt want to spend morning time cleaning up the juicer!!! Or going to the store buying other […]

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The benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of coconut oil Some of you may have heard of medium chain triglycerides. They are important in brain function and are found in coconut oil. There have been several anecdotal posts about how the use of coconut oil helped reverse dementia symptoms. One such post came from a researcher who had a husband with […]

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